Poor Man's SMS

Software Accounting For Windows LANs


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PoorMan'sSMS is small script application designed to make task of staying atop of software licensing situation on small to medium Windows networks as straightforward and as simple as possible.

Current implementation leverages MS native scripting capabilities, it is written mostly in JScript and to a much lesser degree in VBScript.

PoorMan'sSMS scans the network - either by pre defined IP range or by a list of expected hosts and builds flat text file - list of installed software on each and every computer found on the network. It 'knows' how to make summary reports, makes yet another flat text file containing sorted list of software 'titles' and counts distinct software 'titles' found on the network.

Reliability and simplicity (ease of use) were primary design goals.

PoorMan'sSMS effectively meets all of its design goals and pays the price for that in somewhat limited usability. Making list(s) of installed software is all this project does. That's all it does, and all it will ever do in its present form...

Future might bring better version of PoorMan'sSMS that will do software metering plus much more. It might have database as 'the back end', might do network aware task scheduling, software patching and software distribution. If any of this ever happens, rest assured that the app itself will be implemented in a some other - better suited scripting language...
    Hint: The one and only that comes with batteries included ;-)

Until that hypothetical day - use as is - knowing it does its job really well.